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No, it is never too early. In our experience, the earlier you prepare your expatriation, the better it is likely to succeed. Among your local Xperts, some offer " Country introduction sessions" via Skype or video. Other Xperts offer city discovering tours to explore the city prior to arrival, which is very useful to start preparing yourself, choose the area you would like to leave in, find schools, etc.

Yes of course. We aim to publish useful and interesting services that can help you throughout your whole expatriation: language courses, immersion sessions in the city, employment coaching , etc. Our Xperts offer many post-arrival services. Soon you will be at ease in your new country and you can then become an Xpert!

Xperts are individuals or professionals having a service to offer to newcomers. Anyone can potentially become an Xpert although we have a rigorous selection process. To ensure that we propose the best Xperts, we check their projects and motivations, we hold at least one interview prior to their enrollment and we regularly analyze the feedback of the Xpats who have used their services.

Once you have chosen the service and Xpert you are interested in, you need to confirm your order. It is possible to ask questions prior to ordering, airXpat will forward the questions to the Xpert. Ordering a service means that you need to fill in your credit card details. Once it is confirmed by the Xpert, you will be charged the amount indicated. If the service is not confirmed, you will not be charged and the order will be cancelled. In both cases, you will receive the information by email.
We use a payment solution that is 100% secured: Credit card data and sensitive banking information are not stored on our servers.

2 warranties: the first is that the Xpert is only fully paid once the service has been completed. Between the time you order the service and the time when the service is complete, your money will be frozen on a dedicated and personalized account. The second warranty is that if the service is cancelled at the request of the Xpert, you will be refunded the full amount of your order (or we assign - after your approval - this amount to a similar service). AirXpat is based on trust and collaborative spirit, but this does not prevent us to be vigilant.

Sure you can! We would love that! Our idea is to develop our community. Today, a large part of our Xperts are current or former expatriates who want to share their experience and expertise with newcomers. Do not hesitate: find an expertise and register as an Xpert! We’re looking forward to meet you!

Our goal is to open new countries and cities as quickly as possible. Some Xperts are already registered in our database, prior to the official opening of the city they’re in. So, please don’t hesitate to ask us via the contact form, we will tell you if any of them is available in your area.

airXpat was created by experts of expatriation (see the 'Our Team' section of the site) who are convinced that moving to a new country is not to be improvised and that one can easily save time and stress with relevant assistance. Many web forums and a lot of useful associations exist to exchange information and good tips about a destination. Nevertheless, we think the most useful is to be helped individually. Therefore airXpat aims to bring together people who arrive in a new country with locals who will offer their personalized services to help them. Our difference is our knowledge of the expatriation world and our desire to democratize access to support services to expatriates, today reserved only for employees of large companies.

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