Hi! I am a Franco – American artist and teacher living in Paris for the past 3 years. I lived in Colorado previously. I know the difficulties and obstacles of moving to a new country far too well having gone through it several times. I am happy to help you settle into your new city and will be glad to guide you through the necessary steps to feel at home. I am here to help! Do you have children who need to learn French? Do you want to discover your neighborhood? Or do you need help settling in? I’m here to help!

Country : France

City : Paris

Type of public :

  • Retired
  • Family
  • Single/ couple

Availability during the week :

  • Everyday

Home country : USA

Languages : English, French

Type of service:

Arriving & getting settled

Social & Professional Integration

  • Get utilities

  • Language training

  • Cultural preparation

  • Social activities