Samantha Lee May

Samantha Lee May

Samantha Lee May

I'm a Malaysian product designer with a background in luxury fashion. I came to Paris as a university student, graduating with my Master in 2017. I completed my stage at a luxury fashion house and am currently freelancing. I arrived in Paris without having spoken French or known anyone. I managed my move from Malaysia to Paris on my own, by learning quickly and responding empathetically to others. I found my apartments (moved once, all legal leases), dealt with French paperwork (bank, visas, student benefits, healthcare, taxes), studied the language, and found my network of best friends. It was a tough first few months and I would love to help someone with their transition.

Country : France

City : Paris

Type of public :

  • Student
  • Single/ couple
  • VIP

Availability during the week :

  • During the week
  • During the weekend
  • Everyday

Availability during the day :

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening

Home country : Malysia

Languages : English

Type of service:

Arriving & getting settled

Immigration & paperwork

  • Government Compliance

  • Work authorizations

  • Residence authorizations

Xpert services

Assistance with French bureaucracy in Paris. Moving to Paris!
  • 0.5 day
  • EN, FR
  • Immigration & paperwork
50 €

I can guide you on whatever steps you need to take to complete your French...

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