I am an American business professional living and working in Paris. Before moving to France, I lived in Seattle, Washington where I worked for a regional bank in the banking, investment and insurance industry. I moved around a lot while growing up living in 9 different states throughout the USA and living/working on a ship while serving in the Navy after graduating high school. I graduated from the University of Colorado from the Leed's School of Business, and started my career in banking to help small businesses and families work through the often complex system in which all societies have created to be able to live and work. After moving to France, my partner and I thought we were doing everything correctly, but we ended up making many mistakes that cost a lot of money and time. It created a lot of stress on us, our relationship and our ability to truly enjoy living in the beautiful city of Paris. Having gone through this complex system that encompasses opening bank accounts, understanding the Prefecture and navigating the French administration, I believe that we can help you. I decided to become an Xpert because I understand how hard it can be to move to France for the first time, not knowing any French language and thinking that everything would be perfect, then you have your first experience in the Prefecture, where nothing is perfect. Even when we thought we were following all of the rules, there are many sets of unspoken/unwritten rules that you don't know you are breaking until you get sent home for more paperwork or for not meeting the timeline for requirements of a deadline that you did not know existed. My first time in France started with a polite letter telling me I wasn't approved for my famille privee carte de sejour, and that I should leave the country within 30 days... We've had to work hard and "fight" the administration, and we won, but that was several years and many many euros later. If we would have known what we know now, life would have been much more pleasant and perfect when I moved to the city of light. If you have any questions about my experience, education or professional background please do not hesitate to contact me. I am able to rent a car if you need help driving our the city, and my schedule can sometimes be flexible for weekend appointments as well. I look forward to the opportunity of helping you enjoy your life in France.

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