Stefanie Tilly Jef

Stefanie Tilly Jef

Stefanie Tilly Jef

Originally from Belgium, my family had been relocating our entire childhood living in the USA, Saudi Arabia and Belgium, before ending up in Australia (where they are still today.) I completed my studies and worked in Australia as a Psychologist until I met my French husband. I have continued the expat life with him in Poland, Hong Kong, the Middle East and now we're back in France. I feel I can provide adequate assistance not only from my experience as a professional but from a personal point of view, having been an expat my entire life. I work with children, adolescents and adults who might find it harder to adjust to a new situation, need support at work/school/home, want to strengthen their relationships or simply people who just need a listening ear and a place to vent in confidence 7 Why will an Xpat chose you ? I worked as a Psychologist in Australia and would like to continue to do so here in my new country. I feel my personal experience of being an expatriate my entire life gives me a certain advantage in possibly understanding what could be going through someone's mind. My qualifications include a Bachelor Psychology, Post Grad Dip Psychology and 10 years of working in both a statutory setting and private practice. I speak fluent English, Dutch and French and could dabble again in some German if needed. Living in France as a foreigner, but married to a local, also gives me a clearer view of both sides in acquiring a holistic picture of what life could look like here.

Country : France

City : Paris

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  • All profile

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Home country : Belgium

Languages : English, French

Certificate(s) : BA of Psychology!

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Arriving & getting settled

Immigration & paperwork

Social & Professional Integration

  • Cultural preparation

  • Social activities

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General Psychology and Counselling Support.
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  • EN, FR
  • Social & Professional Integration
55 €
55 € / h

I offer help to children, adolescents and adults in adjusting to new situations/work/school/life....

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